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Jordan W, baby girl four months
Chelsea is a human cliff notes for kids! Chelsea is so easy to talk to and it’s obvious immediately that she genuinely wants to help you with whatever is it you need. The thing I appreciate most about Cheslea’s style is that it’s straight-forward, reasonable and takes into account what is best for everyone involved. I always felt comfortable calling or emailing her with my questions and she would talk me through it. Ultimately, she made me feel very confident throughout the entire process. My experience working with Building Blocks was life changing. A well-rested baby is a happy baby. And thanks to Chelsea, we have that in our daughter. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for that.

Chelsea P, infant baby girl
Chelsea is easy to talk to and gives you all the info you need to get your baby on a schedule. Before my daughter was born, Chelsea met with me and gave me the tools to set a schedule with Ellie-to help her sleep better, longer and to be an overall happier baby. Chelsea gave me tons of good info that was easy to understand and she presented it in a warm and practical way. Chelsea helped make our transition into being parents easier and the biggest plus-besides being a great sleeper, our daughter is a happy and content baby.

Kalleen K, infant baby boy
I always felt comfortable to call/text Chelsea. She always got back to me right away, and with answers that made so much sense. There was always a solution and that made me feel better knowing that I could fix the situation. As a new mom you get so overwhelmed with the many books, facebook posts/ social media outlets and opinions that people have. When Chelsea explains to you the actual reasoning behind what she teaches and why it works, it makes sense. This experience has changed my family a lot since we can now sleep! In the beginning I really did think that I was ever going to get 5-6 hour stretches of sleep again, because so many moms had told me that their 8 or 10 month olds were still not sleeping through the night. I thought that I had one of those kids who just didn’t like to sleep, but that wasn’t the case. It takes hard work and discipline, but after working with Chelsea, the end results are worth it!!

Sarah R, Toddler boy 1.5 years & infant boy three months
With Chelsea’s simple tweaks of my schedule I had my baby boy in the crib sleeping in 8 hour spurts at night. No judgement, confidential, confident, and firm. Chelsea is a mom first with an expertise in development. She is giving you advice that she too has followed and she knows how it feels to be sleep deprived and unsure of oneself. I believe that background gives her a unique empathy when helping other families. My second baby is a happier baby because they yearn for schedule and structure so they can predict some level of routine in their new big world.

Michelle W, baby girl five months
Chelsea worked with your level of comfort and never tried to push you to do something you weren’t comfortable with. She had a very custom and adaptable approach. Chelsea is a good listener and very receptive to what your concerns are. You can tell she has been through this before so she is sensitive to your limitations when it comes to getting your baby to sleep.

Rose W, baby girl three months
Working with Chelsea gave me exactly what I was hoping for–more sleep (for me and our daughter!) and a predictable routine. As someone who thrives on routines and schedules–this has been invaluable! Chelsea has a great balance between being a strong and confident coach and being flexible to unique parenting styles. It’s been two months since our initial consultation with Chelsea and my husband and I still marvel at how amazing it is to have a baby who loves to sleep! Traveling, time changes, growth spurts and a move from her bassinet to her crib have all come and gone and through Chelsea’s guidance, and Chelsea made sure we were prepared and confident to handle each transition with very little disruption to our family’s routine.

Lindsey D, Infant baby girl
As a parent it can be difficult to ask for help. Chelsea made me feel supported and understood in navigating my child’s needs as they changed over time. People often tell me how happy my daughter is and I always tell them it’s because she is so well-rested! Chelsea was very straightforward about what would help and what might not help in a particular situation, which we needed. Chelsea is very honest and believes that you have to do what works best for you. I admire Chelsea’s ability to make herself so available to a family at all hours. If I ever had a question or concern, Chelsea was readily available to talk me through it or talk me down (depending on the day). Learning how to create a structured, yet flexible environment has brought tremendous amounts of peace to our home. Some days are more difficult and sometimes we felt the schedule got in the way. But once we hit five months and a baby taking two two hour naps a day and sleeping 7pm to 7am, we knew everything we did was absolutely worth it. I never worry about taking my daughter somewhere because she might have a meltdown, because that almost never happens. There is something completely freeing about that and something every parent and child should get to experience. We attest this to our hard work with the help of Chelsea. Yes, we have a schedule, but honestly we can do just about anything as long as it isn’t nap time. 😉

Jim and Caroline K, baby boy six months
We would relay to Chelsea what we wanted to cover or any questions we had and she tailored her material based on that. During our meetings we could ask different questions that just came to mind which was great. Chelsea is very professional and has wonderful information and great advice. I would not hesitate to call Chelsea with any other sleep training questions and for toddler behavior advice. It was great for my husband and I to be on the same page when it came to sleep training our son. Our son now sleeps through the night and his nap schedule makes him a happier/less fussy baby.

Ashleigh O, infant baby girl
Chelsea has compassion when talking through different situations that may be difficult for certain parents. She is gentle while still relaying her philosophy. Our baby has a healthy sleep schedule, which in turn, allows my husband and I to sleep as well. When we are rested it gives us the energy and stamina we need to enrich our daughter’s development during the day.

Andrew & Courtney N, baby boy five months
Every question, concern, and approach was covered thoroughly with us.
Chelsea was very approachable and made it more than clear she was available to help at any time. Working with Chelsea was like having a good friend explain her experiences and give advice. Her recommendations and feedback are specific to the exact issues that we were facing. Before working with Chelsea, not only did our son not nap/sleep consistently but he was also very cranky in the afternoon/early evening. It was difficult for him as well as us as the parents to only get to see our child after work when he was tired and cranky. Through Chelsea’s teachings, our son was able to develop a consistent schedule which has drastically improved his afternoon/evening disposition, and has also given us some time to ourselves during the day and full night sleep! Chelsea used a variety of tools and techniques, combined with her education, background and own personal experiences to come up with a unique approach to sleep training. We appreciated the combination of suggested books, Chelsea’s customized notes, sample schedules and the breakdown of sleep by age chart that were provided. Chelsea was gentle in her approach but had a great deal of confidence in what she was teaching. Chelsea made suggestions but was very cautious about not wanting to pressure us into doing something we weren’t comfortable with. For the times that we weren’t comfortable she had an alternative suggestion. The best part for me was the constant encouragement that Chelsea would provide. I really needed reassurance with this process and she gave me that. Chelsea was my cheerleader! Chelsea’s approach is gentle and unique. Her technique is not so rigid that you feel like you have to do something you are not comfortable with. In the end Chelsea gave us the confidence to make smart decisions for our child. We don’t fear bedtime or naptime anymore because we know that Connor is capable of putting himself to sleep. When life happens like teething or growth spurts we are better armed to attack the situation now. Chelsea taught us valuable lessons and skills that we will use moving forward as our family grows.

Chelsea S, baby boy four months
The most helpful thing was the validation and reassurance that not only was this the best thing for Liam but that it was also the best thing for me as a mom. I loved that Chelsea was always available via phone in case we were having a rough day/night or if I had a question come up after a meeting. I would describe Chelsea as knowledgeable, understanding, and personable. My experience was nothing but positive and has made SUCH a difference not only in my little one’s quality of sleep but also in his quality of life each day.

Lindsay and Steve L, baby boy 3.5 months
Chelsea’s style and approach was very close to what I had wanted to accomplish with Tanner on my own but needed help and direction to connect all the dots. She always had Tanners best interest in mind such as giving me the encouragement to soothe him more if I felt he wasn’t feeling well or needed a little extra love when his crying got extreme. Chelsea was very thorough and supportive. She quickly identified the issues we were having putting Tanner to sleep at night as well as for his naps. She started out by asking what our goals were and then addressing each goal with easy to apply tips and strategies to help Tanner sleep better. We are much more relaxed and confident in Tanners sleeping abilities. Going to bed at nighttime, I am not stressing that he or I will not get enough sleep that night. Our schedule is predictable but flexible enough that we can still enjoy traveling or errands. Tanner is always happy now!

Matt & Kate O, baby boy eleven months
Chelsea’s approach couldn’t have been better. She was positive and understanding. Chelsea even was open to learning and trying something new for our sensitive lil guy that really paid off in the end. Chelsea made it very clear that she was available 24/7 and she would check in with us regularly. She was there when we struggled and there when we could share some small victories. We would without a doubt recommend Chelsea to any parents that are struggling with sleep. It can be a tricky thing to train a baby especially with first time parents and Chelsea is the ultimate coach and teammate. We tell people we worked with a committed and passionate coach, who is understanding of any and all circumstances.

Jenna and Sam, baby girl ten months
Our goal was to get our daughter to sleep throught the night and nap better. After these services, she is sleeping 11 hours a night and napping longer. We really liked working with Chelsea. She was very flexible to work with. The best thing was after the first meeting, we thought it would be best to change the schedule a little so Chelsea could help put Maddie down for her naps during the first week. She showed adaptability and helped us work better together. Chelsea was great about checking-in with us and cheering us on. It really made us feel like we had a great team member. Chelsea was part of our parental team for a few weeks. She was very approachable, knowledgeable, and adaptable. She gave us the tools that we needed, where I think otherwise, our daughter would still not be sleeping through the night. We would totally recommend these services to someone else. We are Chelsea’s biggest fans. Our life and family’s life have dramatically improved after working with Chelsea.

Melissa, baby girl eight months
My 8 month old daughter was only sleeping 2-3 hour increments at night. Her naps were short and unpredictable. Our goal was for more sleep. Chelsea set us up for success with a customized schedule and the knowledge we needed for an incredible outcome—sleep! Chelsea’s approach was extremely friendly and genuine. She had a lot of information and presented it very well. She was flexible, yet made it clear what typically works and what does not. Chelsea’s consistent encouragement and availability was so helpful and very reassuring. I loved knowing I could talk to her at anytime and ask her questions that popped up. Chelsea definitely changed all of our lies. We would recommend her services to anyone!

Monica, twin toddler girls 1.5 years
One conversation with Chelsea about my twin’s nap schedule has, with no exaggeration, completely changed my life. Getting twins on a sleep schedule is no easy feat. I was able to get the nights down, but naps were challenging, to say the least. Chelsea gave me a few easy things to do, and the twins are down for 2-3 hours every day now. She does a great job of simplifying a really stressful situation and making you realize that you really can turn things around :)