Building Blocks AZ | Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Building Blocks offers loving family solutions.

What is that specifically? It is just as it sounds. Building Blocks creates individually tailored solutions for specific challenges or obstacles a family faces. Consultation services consist of help with creating routine, structure, healthy sleep habits, loving and logical discipline techniques and approaches to other behavioral obstacles. Through face-to-face interaction, quality time spent with families, and well researched approaches, Chelsea is able to provide families with the support and solutions they need to feel successful and meet their customized goals.

Children are unique and individualized, as are their parents. Chelsea approaches each family as a unique experience and offers techniques, tools, and plans to specifically fit the needs of that individual family. One approach might work well for one family and not another. Chelsea takes the time to learn about the needs and goals of each family to create a tailored plan when working with them. She believes schedule and routine is important, however that life does not always work so perfectly. She strives to help create predictable environments and adaptable kiddos.

Our job as parents is to teach and provide. As a mom, Chelsea wants to provide a secure and loving environment for her children. She wants to foster a learning atmosphere where her children can master goals and milestones and learn how to problem solve. Building a secure attachment is important and sets our children up for future successes and builds skills where they can overcome failures. Life is not easy and Chelsea’s goal is to help create lifestyles where children feel secure, safe, loved and capable.

There is no right or wrong in parenting. Chelsea is here to offer support and techniques to help parents and their children be successful. She will often ask families, “how is this working for you?’ If the answer is “great”, she is thrilled. If the answer is, “not well but we manage”, here is where Building Blocks can help. There is no reason to just manage. Chelsea is a firm believer in setting the stage for success. Lets set our kiddos up in the most successful environment we can. Let’s teach them healthy skills, which they can build on as they grow, learn and master new milestones. Let Building Blocks help aid your family in this process. We are confident that with practice and consistency, change will occur, in whatever capacity that family needs.

``There is no right or wrong in parenting. Chelsea is here to offer support and techniques to help parents and their children be successful.``


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