Building Blocks AZ | Daylight Savings Plan: FALL BACK
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Daylight Savings Plan: FALL BACK


Day Light Savings… overwhelming with kids! Here are some tips and a plan of action.

We are lucky in Arizona to not change times ever! One less thing I have to worry about with my kids but those who do have to experience the time change here is a plan! 

FALL BACK! (This one can feel the most daunting especially if you already have early risers. But here are three options to help!)

Option 1:

Start this plan 7 days before the time change:

(Slowly move start of day, nap, and bedtime up) Example for 7am wake/7pm bedtime

Day 1 (Sunday): Move bedtime up by 15 mins. If bedtime is 7pm, move up to 7:15pm

Day 2 (Monday): If wake up time is 7:00am, wait and start day at 7:15am, move nap (s) 15 minutes later, bedtime 15 minutes later (7:15pm)

Day 3 (Tuesday): AM wake time and nap (s) keep 15 mins later (example: 7:15am). Bedtime, push to 7:30pm (15 mins later)

Day 4 (Wednesday): Start day 15 mins later (now 7:30am) and move nap (s) by 30 minutes later. Bedtime 7:30pm

Day 5 (Thursday): Start day 7:30am (30 mins later) and nap (s) 30 mins later. Bedtime 15 minutes later now 7:45pm

Day 6 (Friday): Start day 15 minutes later (7:45am) and nap (s) 45mins later. Bedtime 7:45pm

Day 7 (Saturday): Start day 15 minutes later 8am (full hour ahead) and nap (s) 1 hour ahead. Bedtime 8pm (1 hour ahead)


-Kiddo is used to one hour later for morning wake up, naps and bedtime. Clocks have fallen BACK one hour and kiddo is on old time! Congrats!! (7am wake up, 7pm bedtime) 


Option 2:

Start this plan weekend of daylight savings (great option for kiddos out of the home during the week like daycare)

Friday: Move everything up 15 mins (wake time, nap time, bedtime) 


7am wake ————> 7:15am wake

12pm nap ————> 12:15pm nap

7pm bedtime ———> 7:15pm bedtime

Saturday: Move everything up 15 more mins (wake time, nap time, bedtime)


7am wake ————> 7:30am wake

12pm nap ————> 12:30pm nap

7pm bedtime ———> 7:30pm bedtime

Sunday: DST Started: adjust to new time on clock but wake time, naps and bedtime are all 15 mins earlier then you like, just for one day!


7am wake ————> now 6:45am wake (because of fall back and new time change)

12pm nap ————> 11:45am nap (because of fall back and new time change)

7pm bedtime ———> 6:45pm bedtime (because of fall back and new time change)

Monday: Now jump on old schedule but with new time because of DST


7am wake

12pm nap

7pm bedtime

**Remember to give them a week to adjust 

Option 3:

Do Nothing. 

Yep! Just roll with what happens. You can choose to just get everyone on the new schedule/time that first day (Sunday). Have them start their day and adjust to the new time. This change will take a few days and some kids do really well with this. If your kiddo is fairly flexible and adaptable this is a great option!


  1. Consistency:
    • Stick to a normal and familiar bedtime routine 
    • They do not know there is a change, so just continue about your day as normal but with the adjusted times
    • Do your bedtime routine and daytime routine as closely to normal as possible 
    • Consistency makes kiddos feel secure so practice this 

2. Patience:

    • Change can take time. Deep breaths and give this about a week for full adjustments
    • Some kiddos roll with this change easily but if you are having trouble, give it time and stick to the plan 
    • Deep breaths, a one hour change, is not as disruptive as we think. 

3. Early wake ups:

    • You can use check ins, comfort, but slowly work on them staying in their room until the new time to wake. If they are awake but just hanging out, leave them 
    • Toddlers: use those toddler clocks to help with the new time!! Set the new awake time every night for morning wake time and for naps
    • Make sure the room is dark and cool

Need additional help? Contact me today for private consults! 

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