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Author: Chelsea Kunde

22 Oct Marriage & Parenting

Marriage & Parenting  how to be a united front & still like each other  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. But what happens after that? Before I begin this blog article, I want to address something. I am using the...

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09 Jul Travel Tips & Tricks

There are many things that change once we become parents. Leaving the house takes longer, remembering things takes longer, quite frankly everything just takes longer. So when we think of traveling with our little ones, it almost feels like more work then reward. However, with...

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14 May Am I failing?

I recently was asked by a friend, “I feel like you never lose it. like you are always able to stay calm at home”. This statement has stuck with me the last few weeks and I keep re-playing it over and over again. Because let...

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