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Bed Time Routine Magic

11 Apr Bed Time Routine Magic


Bedtime. For many, this time of the evening is stressful, unpredictable, and maybe even chaotic. Instead of a time to wind down, relax, and doze off to dreamland, it becomes a long and tiring process. 

I wanted to address bedtime in a blog post as a way for people to reference back when needed. I often get many questions on bedtime and bedtime routine. So here we go! Here are my tips and tricks for a successful bedtime. 

When to implement a bedtime routine? 

I would implement a bedtime routine around 4 weeks old. You can implement a routine right away but those first few weeks are survival. Do not stress much during that time. Bedtime routine does not need to be super long, complicated or stressful. This is just a time to cue your kiddo that bedtime is around the corner. 

Tip: do a hybrid of the bedtime routine for naps. When implementing a crib or bassinet nap adding in a nap routine can be helpful. Again, help cue your kiddo that sleep is around the corner. See the consistency? 

Tip: Does your child wear a sleep sac at night? If yes, then put the sleep sac on for crib or bassinet naps as well! Does your child have a paci at night? If yes, then offer the paci for crib or bassinet naps as well. Does your child wear a swaddle? If yes, then swaddle that baby for crib or bassinet naps as well. Do you use a sound machine? If yes, then turn the sound machine on for crib or bassinet naps as well. Get the point? Be          consistent with your routines! 

What is a bedtime routine?

A bedtime routine is exactly as it sounds. The prep before bed that you can do each and every night with your little ones. 

Even the most type-B of people do similar things each day or night. It just makes us feel good. Think about your own night ritual? What do you do before bed that makes you feel calm and ready for dreamland?

Again, this does not need to be anything complicated or time consuming. But adding in a predictable and consistent bed time routine will help kiddos feel secure, calm, and ready for sleep. 

Ideal Bedtime?

The sweet spot is between 7-8pm. 

*some kiddos may need a little earlier of a bedtime. That is fine. Some families may need bedtime to be a little later for a variety of reasons. That is fine too. However, know that keeping a child up later does not equal better night time sleep. This can actually be the opposite. 

Example of a bedtime routine:

Bath or massage 

PJs (sleep sac if worn)

Read 1-2 stories 

Bottle or Breast Feed (if still on bottle or BF) (lights can be dim)

Lullaby or short amount of rocking 

Lay child down awake (can be drowsy but awake)

Sound machine on 

Lights out

Example of a nap time routine:

Change diaper (sleep sac if worn)

Read 1-2 stories 

Lullaby or short amount of rocking

Lay child down awake (can be drowsy but awake)

Sound machine on

Lights out

*You do not need to give a bath every single night. However, most children like baths and even if they do not love it, it gets some energy out. Also, this is a nice cue that night time sleep is coming. 

*If you do not give a bath, make sure to change clothes from the day. Even if in pjs all day. This again just sends the child a cue that sleep is about to happen and daytime is ending. 

*I am not anti-rocking but I recommend not rocking to sleep. Use bedtime routine as a time to cuddle and snuggle but having them put themselves to sleep is key. Whatever puts them to sleep, they will need that same thing at 2am. 


A successful bedtime is possible. Routine and consistency can help to make this possible. If you are feeling overwhelmed by bedtime or dreading that time of night, please know there is help for that. I can help to implement a plan that works for your entire family. Or try some of these tips and tricks and give it a week to assess the progress. 

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